555-supplies to spin the wheel of chance
556-the assistant
557-swindle's return policy
558-empowering items
559-evil rank 6-iron wing helm enchant
560-good rank 6-iron wing helm enchant
568-bone dust reagent
569-cube reagent
570-essence of defeat reagent
584-ordinary cape
585-good rank 8-cleansing of spinal tap
586-evil rank 8-cursing of spinal tap
589-the weapon parasite
602-lvl 30-voucher item: twin blade of nulgath
603-diamonds of nulgath sale
605-drudgen the salesman
623-secret item
629-combat style: dragonbone axe
631-combat style: dread saw of nulgath
632-combat style: tainted claymore
637-combat style: purified claymore of destiny
638-fiend face
639-blood guard
640-hex mask
641-shadow guard
643-hidden edge
662-lvl 30-fiend claws
663-lvl 30-blood blades
664-lvl 30-hexing staff
665-lvl 30-piercing shadow
667-lvl 30-tainted claw
668-lvl 30-purified claw
726-totem of nulgath
734-combat style: dual dread saw
735-combat style: dread saw of nulgath
765-twisted items of nulgath
766-demanding items of nulgath
837-juggernaut items of nulgath